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Sexually Oriented Businesses FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions in Adult Entertainment and Sexually Oriented Businesses

There are many questions that arise in this industry and often can only be answered by meeting with a Houston stripper defense lawyer. Here are some brief answers and explanations to common queries we receive at Greco Neyland, PC:

Can a Law Officer deny that he/she is a police agent? Yes, in the performance of undercover activities and sting operations a law enforcement officer must often pose as a potential client or even a solicitor of illicit and illegal sex. Police officers and vice agents have been known to disrobe and be very open in their efforts to get another individual to commit a crime.

Can Lap Dances still be offered? Strictly speaking the answer is no. The local set of laws requires that a distance of 3 feet from a client be maintained when an adult entertainer is performing. Coming into close proximity for the purpose of delivering a lap dance would not be possible under these restrictions.

Are “Sting Operations” legal? Fundamentally yes but there are many shades of grey in how they are conducted and more often than not the case falls apart and is dismissed when attacked by an experienced defense attorney.

Can a patron buy a drink for a dancer or adult entertainer? If the customer offers to buy the drink then this is perfectly permissible. However it is important that they are not prompted to do so or requested to do so by the dancer. Any such purchase must be done on the initiative of the patron without any prompting by the entertainer.

Is mood lighting allowed in adult entertainment facilities? The rules state that the light must read at one candle-foot levels taken at four feet from the floor. The purpose is to discourage any dimly lit areas that would be normally accessible by patrons and utilized for illicit sexual purposes.

Can I be prosecuted or fined for the use of sex devices or adult novelty toys? No, the private use of these aids is completely permissible within the law. However the law does not allow for the use of objects in a sexually explicit manner while performing adult entertainment acts.

What is the difference between aggravated promotion of prostitution and straight prostitution charges? In a nutshell, straight prostitution charges involve the offering or solicitation of sex for monetary exchange. A charge of aggravated promotion of prostitution is more commonly known as pimping and involves the management of more than one prostitute in this type of business activity.

There are many possible violations in this heavily regulated area of our society. If you have further questions or are under some form of sexually oriented business code violations then you should contact a Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense Attorney for answers and a defense strategy.

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