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Sexually Oriented Business Violations

Being Hit with Violations of the Sexually Oriented Business Ordinances

For many years an increasingly stringent level of restrictions, surveillance and enforcement against sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) has been mounting. Without concern and due regard for the unconstitutionality of an outright banning of such enterprises as adult bookstores, gentlemen’s clubs or topless bars it is likely that the prohibitions and restraints could make such business impossible. The efforts to create a confusing mix of laws, regulations and arbitrary standards of conduct make legal obedience to the codes a real nightmare.

Such arbitrary rules as the “three foot rule”, an exact distance a dancer must maintain away from a client, and precise lighting requirements create difficult and burdensome compliance issues. The force of the law in this particular field is somewhat unusual as most crimes or violations cannot easily be proven without active promotion and entrapment by the law enforcement officers. As these violations are commonly between consenting adults it is unlikely that one of the individuals involved will complain or testify against the other. In most cases it takes the work of vice officers to stage the scene and create an enticement for an individual to commit a violation. This is a very unique and individual area of legal practice and it is critical that you have the representation of an experienced Houston sexually oriented business defense lawyer to fight your case.

Fighting for your Rights

It has long been a cause of attorney Jeff Greco to fight for the civil and constitutional rights of his clients and in turn the greater public. There are many shades of gray in how these laws are applied, in the manner in which evidence has been obtained or reported and a full understanding of the exact laws is vital in seeking to get your case dismissed or effectively defended. Especially in these circumstances it is not usually in your best interests to be overly co-operative with the law, you need to call a lawyer and launch an immediate defense.

Don’t take chances with an attorney that does not have adequate familiarity with this area of the law. Get the help you need and contact a Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense Attorney today.

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