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Fighting Prostitution Charges in Houston

Prostitution is certainly nothing new to Houston or other cities. This activity is impossible to stamp it out, as time has proven. While maltreatment and abuses do exist there are many individuals that consider this a victimless crime. It is usually an agreed upon legal transaction for an exchange of services between consenting legal adults. The firm can defend clients facing legal problems with this offense or the following:

  • Sting Operations
  • Escorts
  • Promotion of Prostitution
  • Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution

The State of Texas defines prostitution as:

  • A person commits an offense if one knowingly offers to engage or engages in sexual conduct for a fee. This is also true if one solicits another, in a public place, to engage in sexual conduct for hire.
  • The above applies to either party – whether one is to receive or pay the fee. The same is true for either party whether one solicits another for sex or offers to hire the person soliciting.

The charges for a first time offense will be treated as a Class B misdemeanor. For individuals with one or two previous convictions, the offense will be charged as a Class A misdemeanor. When faced with three or more previous convictions, an offender is looking at being charged with a State Jail Felony prostitution charge, punishable by up to two years in a State Jail facility. It is important to have a strong defense from an experienced Houston sexually oriented business defense lawyer. This is a very specific area of legal practice and a familiarity with how these cases are normally tried and prosecuted is critical.

How Prostitution Charges are Brought

The most common path for a prostitution charge involves undercover work by vice and law enforcement officers. Most individuals will not bring complaints against prostitution activities and so sting operations must be set up by law agencies to entrap prostitutes.

Often these are done as “reverse-sting” operations and agents will pose as decoys. These decoys will usually work areas known for street-level prostitution and walk around trying to “find a date”. They carry hidden microphones to record the conversation where the “sex for money” is agreed upon. There are many legal problems with such types of operations and arrests, not the least of which are language confusions between the alleged “John” and the decoy. The John can mistakenly agree to something without really understanding what exactly the decoy is offering. It takes a lawyer with great familiarity in how these operations are staged and how the prosecution will proceed for a successful defense. Attorney Jeff Greco has actually been on numerous prostitution sting operations as a Chief Prosecutor and has seen firsthand how quickly things can spin out of control for a suspected John, even when no real agreement has ever been meted out. Pandemonium, confusion, and a rush to judgment are all very common characteristics of these sting operations.

Prostitution charges can be defended against but you need a strong and experienced lawyer. Contact a Houston Prostitution Defense Attorney for legal representation that has the track record to defend your case.

  • Sting Operations
  • Escorts
  • Promotion of Prostitution
  • Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution

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