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Entertainers / Dancers / Strippers

Fighting Prosecution of Entertainers, Dancers and Strippers

Working in the field of adult entertainment is a job like any other and fulfills a set of needs within our society. However it does carry an entire set of restrictions that can lead to criminal charges. When moral judgment enters into a business, it makes it tough on business owners who are trying to operate and make a living without trouble. In many cases the accused business owner is presumed guilty and “sting” operations are set up to find violations.

Not only does this create an atmosphere of animosity between the entertainer and the law enforcement officers it also results in vice officers creating the situation. Enticing the entertainer into a violation and then being the source of evidence and testimony against the entertainer is a questionable activity. The firm is proud of their success in defending clients facing any of the following violations:

  • 3 Foot Rule Violations
  • Touching a Customer
  • Pasty not worn/applied properly
  • G-String Violations
  • Alcohol Violations

Getting a Strong Defense against such Charges

Attorney Jeff Greco is very aggressive in aggressively defending your rights. Preserving the basis of our legal system, that you are innocent until proven guilty is vital. The majority of evidence obtained in such violations is often tainted or questionable but it takes an experienced Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense Attorney to really understand how to effectively fight these charges. Simply going along with the authorities or being overly co-operative can result in incarceration, heavy fines or even being shut down. If you have been charged with a violation of sexually oriented business ordinances it is very, very important to immediately seek legal help.

You have a right to legal defense against charges of ordinance violations and should contact a Houston Sexually Oriented Business Violation Lawyer for experienced and aggressive legal help.

  • 3 Foot Rule Violations
  • Touching a Customer
  • Pasty not worn/applied properly
  • G-String Violations
  • Alcohol Violations

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