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Adult Video Store / Book Store Owners

Adult Video and Book Store Owners facing Sexually Oriented Business Violations

In order to enforce a set of behavior standards upon the clients of adult video arcades or book stores the law has established guidelines and regulations governing the design of such facilities. The main objective is to discourage the use of these facilities for sexual activities and encounters amongst patrons. The firm assists those facing violations and criminal accusations regarding the following:

  • Arcade booths
  • Sex toy / Novelty shops

The main areas regulated are:

  • The view from manager’s stations must be configured in such a manner that there is an unobstructed view of every area of the adult arcade or adult mini-theatre to which any patron is permitted access for any purpose from that manager’s station. Any subsection must be in direct line of sight from the manager’s station. In addition the design must not allow for the blocking of the view by merchandise, materials or display racks.
  • No wall penetrations or openings are allowed in any of the screens, partitions, walls or barriers that separate the individual viewing areas. Conduits for plumbing, electricity and so forth are allowed as long as they are configured to prevent the penetration of any part of a human body into those openings. It is the duty of the management and any employees to monitor for any violation of this rule and to prevent access of patrons until such a violation has been remedied.
  • The lighting must be adequate throughout and of a minimum level of one candle-foot as measured at four feet above the ground. This is required for every area of the premises that patrons are allowed access to.

These rules and regulations will be strictly monitored and enforced by vice agents. Your business could be shut down based upon these violations and a Houston sexually oriented business defense attorney with knowledge and experience in defending sexually oriented businesses should be hired for your best defense.

Getting a Solid Defense against Violation Charges against a Sexually Oriented Business

These charges should not be let go without a defense. Given enough charges as well as the political will to shut down your enterprise and you could be out of business quite easily. A past record of violations will only weaken your business and its future survival. Get help from the team at Greco Neyland, PC that has the extensive experience and background you are going to need.

If your business has been charged with violations of Ordinance Codes then it is crucial that you contact a Houston Adult Book Store and Video Owner Defense Attorney promptly.

  • Arcade booths
  • Sex toy / Novelty shops

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