• State of Texas v. M.G.

    Charge: Theft (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) - Motion dismissed and client had her theft charge dismissed.

  • State of Texas v. O.A.

    Charge: Resisting Arrest & Criminal Trespass - Both cases DISMISSED

  • State of Texas v. J.P.

    Charge: Theft - DISMISSED

  • State of Texas v. E.O.

    Charge: Fictitious Registration - DISMISSED

  • State of Texas v. L.K.

    Charge: Theft (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) - Motion dismissed and client had her theft charge dismissed.

  • State of Texas v. Y.W.

    Charge: Felony Theft > $20,000.00 < $100,000.00 - DISMISSED

  • State of Texas v. H.S.

    Charge: Failure to Stop and Give Information - DISMISSED on the day of trial.

  • State of Texas v. E.D.

    Charge: Burglary of a Habitation - Motion to Suppress GRANTED. Client walked out of the jail a free man that day.

  • State of Texas v. M.P.

    Charge: Felon in Possession of a Weapon - Motion to Suppress GRANTED.

  • State of Texas v. R.N.

    Charge: Resisting Arrest - Jury was given an instruction from the Judge to find the Defendant NOT GUILTY.

  • State of Texas v. A.H.

    Charge: Felony Evading with a Motor Vehicle - Reduced to Class B Misdemeanor and given 6 months Deferred Adjudication.

  • State of Texas v. B.H.

    Charge: Credit Card Abuse - Motion to Adjudicate Guilt - Motion Dismissed.

  • State of Texas v. E.R.

    Charge: Indecency with a Child - Reduced to class A Misdemeanor, Assault. Given 1 year deferred adjudication.

Our Mission: “Protecting the Lord's children who have fallen short of perfection from the wrath of those who believe they have attained it.” — Stuart Kinard

One of the most frustrating and frightening ordeals any one person can go through in his or her lifetime is to be facing criminal charges in the Greater Houston metro area. You are scared because you do not know what to expect, and you are frustrated because you feel like you have nowhere to turn to for help.

The criminal justice system in Texas has a reputation for being very hard on defendants with little concern for the lives that are forever ruined in the process. Texas justice is swift and brutal. It begins from the moment you are charged with any criminal offense. It is at this time that you need someone who will be ready to suit up and go to battle for you. You will need someone with experience and the tenacity to fight the government every step of the way.

Greco Neyland, PC is a firm dedicated to helping people when they need it most – when everyone else has turned their back on you and you are facing stiff consequences from the Texas criminal justice system. Founder Jeffery Greco is a former chief prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As a former chief prosecutor, Jeff knows just how the other side thinks. He knows how they prepare their cases for trial and he knows the things they look for to secure convictions in their cases, as he was trained by some of the best prosecutors in the nation. That training is absolutely critical to a successful outcome in your case.

What Methods Do We Employ?

We begin by speaking with you directly, not through someone else.

We will set up an initial consultation so we can discuss your case one on one, so that we can find out exactly what facts we will be dealing with.

We will analyze every aspect of your case, custom tailoring a defense for you immediately.

We will subpoena all the records and all the files for the officers involved, as well as the vehicle data that most attorneys will not request.

We will begin your defense-fighting all the way, until we get the result you are looking for. If the government does not give us what we are looking for, we head to trial. A jury trial is often times the only way to extract the outcome needed in a criminal case. You need to make sure you are hiring a lawyer who is in fact, a trial lawyer. Many lawyers will tout themselves as “trial” lawyers despite the fact that they have not ever tried a criminal case to a jury in their career.

What can you expect when you contact our office?

It is not unusual to be sold a bill of goods over the phone when speaking to a lawyer. In fact the single most common question we receive when people call our office is, “how much will you charge me to handle my case?” As simple as that may sound, that is a very difficult question to merely answer over the phone. We are not a store that sells products. Depending on which product you buy, there is a flat fee. That fee is the same as long as you are buying that same product. We don’t employ that method. We understand that each and every case is different, and therefore, each and every fee we charge is different. Even when the charges are the same case, no two cases are alike. We don’t have a set fee and therefore, without knowing everything there is to know about your case, we will not ever know how much we can charge you until we learn all the fact.

The only way to have any attorney accurately quote you a fee for your case is to sit down with them and tell them everything about your case, so that they know what will be involved in your case and how much work will be necessary to get the outcome you desire.

Bear in mind, most lawyers will tell you whatever you want to hear, simply to get you to hire them. We take the opposite approach when you contact us. We don’t tell you what you want to hear. Rather, we tell you what you need to hear. By now you have spoken to several attorneys who have all promised you the sun and the moon. If you are looking for that to be promised to you when you call our office, you need not waste your time. We are not in the fantasy business. We are in the “fixing peoples’ problems” business. You have a problem - we help you fix it.

So, please do not waste your time and mine by calling to ask how much we charge for your case. This is not a “one-size fits all” business. Each case is different from the next case. No two cases are alike, and as such, fees will vary for each case. We offer a free in-office consultation so that we can do two things:

  1. Separate the window shoppers from the people who are genuinely interested in hiring a lawyer to actually help them fight their case, and
  2. To ascertain exactly what happened, so we know what you are up against and what you will likely be facing.

Only when we are able to get a full picture of exactly what your case involves can we fully understand the scope of the work that will be necessary to effectively represent you. To tell you over the phone what a case costs with minimal knowledge about your case only ensures that you are likely being over quoted (as most attorneys will overcharge before they under-charge you for any work to be performed). What is worse is that most attorneys have no interest in helping you actually fight the charges against you. They are looking for the easiest way out so they can move on to their next case. To them, you are nothing more than a quick buck and a plea bargain. We call those lawyers, “dump truck lawyers” because their only interest is in spending 30 minutes on your case and pleading you guilty as they dump you off into the land of the convicted and those on probation. They pump you for every dollar you have and dump you off by the wayside as soon as they can, leaving you with the baggage that will follow you for the rest of your life.

You deserve more than that. You deserve someone who will actually put up a fight and represent you. Someone who merely holds your hand while you plead guilty is barely a step above not having a lawyer at all. Hire a lawyer with actual trial experience. Hire someone with a reputation for fighting for their clients. Greco Neyland, PC has a reputation for fighting for each and every client that hires them. If we cannot get the result you are looking for (i.e., dismissal, reduction, etc.) then we set your case for trial and make the government prove their case.

To do any differently is a waste of your time and money. When you are facing prison time or possible life-lasting consequences depending on the outcome of your criminal case, can you really afford to window shop for the cheapest lawyer in Houston? Ask yourself this question – how much is your freedom worth to you? How much is it worth to have a clean criminal history?

When you have asked yourself that question and really pondered the answer, call us right away and lets set up a free initial consultation to begin discussing how we can achieve the best outcome in your case.