Criminal Charges against Escorts and Escort Services

The escort service industry is heavily targeted as potential prostitution providers by police and vice squads. Rarely, if ever, are such charges filed or brought by the patrons of these services and so the police must resort to deceptive tactics to catch an individual in an illegal sexual agreement.

To do this most law agencies will plan out a scenario whereby the individual will be caught in the act of agreeing to sex for pay. In order to do this the vice agents will surf websites, such as Craigslist, Backpage, or read local papers searching for escort service advertisements. Posing as a potential client the officer will set up a meeting place, often a private hotel room or some such place. Once the appointment is made, the undercover officer will ask the escort to perform a sexual act in exchange for money. If the escort agrees then officer often excuses themselves and then the rest of the raid team enters to perform an arrest. These can be tough cases legally and there are often serious flaws in the prosecution's case which an experienced Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense attorney can exploit.

Reverse Sting Operations and Escort Services

A reverse sting operation is also commonly setup. In this case usually a female vice officer will pose as an escort and attempt to entrap a customer or patron into asking for sex in exchange for money. Once this has taken place then an arrest on solicitation can be made. These cases can often be easily pulled apart by an attorney such as Jeff Greco that understands and is familiar with how these stings are carried out. They are quite commonly poorly executed and the resulting arrests are open to dismissal based upon the frailties of the case. Most of the time, these undercover escorts have microphones in their purses that record the entire conversation that takes place. This is a key piece of evidence that the defense is entitled to. Attorney Jeff Greco has successfully defended cases like these once he was able to show that based on the audiotape they provided, the government had no real case at all and a dismissal was the only right thing to do. If they don't dismiss your case, we will take it to trial.

It is important that you chose an attorney with both experience and familiarity in defending these specific types of cases. Get the help you need and contact a Houston Escort Defense Attorney that knows how to get the job done.